Inácio Crochemore Mohnsam da Silva

Name: Inácio Crochemore Mohnsam da Silva

E-mail: icmsilva@equidade.org

Physical Educator (UFPel, 2007), Ms.C. (Epidemiology, 2010), Ph.D. (Epidemiology, 2015), Post-doctorate (UFPel, 2015-2016).

University graduate:Physical Education (UFPel, 2007). Master:Epidemiology (UFPel, 2010)
Title: Social Support for Physical Activity, Year of Achievement: 2010.
Advisor: Helen Gonçalves.

Epidemiology (UFPel, 2015).
Title: Association between physical activity and environmental characteristics, Year obtained: 2015.
Advisor: Pedro Curi Hallal.
Sandwich period at Medical Research Council, Epidemiology Unit - University of Cambridge (Advisor: Ulf Ekelund).

Themes of interest:
Physical Activity and Health
Objective measurement of physical activity
Equity in Health


Programa de Pós-Graduação em Epidemiologia - Centro de Pesquisas Epidemiológicas