Fernando Pires Hartwig

Name: Fernando Pires Hartwig

E-mail: fernandophartwig@gmail.com

Biotecnology (UFPel), Ms.C. (Epidemiology), Ph.D. (Epidemiology), Post-doctorate (Epidemiology)

University graduate:Biotecnology (UFPel, 2012)
Title: Analysis of molecular markers KI-67 and P-cadherin in epidermal stem cells in skin cancer tumor progression of transgenic mice through immunofluorescence and development of robust statistical approaches by permutation.
Advisor: Tiago Veiras Collares. Master:Epidemiology (UFPel, 2014).
Title: Lactose intolerance: prevalence, determinants and association with dairy consumption and osteoporosis
Advisor: Cesar Gomes Victora.

Epidemiology (UFPel, 2018).
Title: Genetic and Epigenetic Aspects of Breastfeeding.
Advisor: Cesar Gomes Victora.

Post-Doctorate (Epidemiology, UFPel - 2019)

Themes of interest:
Epidemiology of the life cycle;
Causal inference in epidemiology;
Transposition of statistical methods between different areas of epidemiological knowledge.


Programa de Pós-Graduação em Epidemiologia - Centro de Pesquisas Epidemiológicas